GripGo Review – My Review of the Phone Mount

The GripGo holds your phone safely and securely while you’re on the road. There’s nothing worse than driving down the road, hearing your phone ring, needing to answer the call and not being able to find your phone. The GripGo makes this scenario a thing of the past. It holds your phone securely on the dash and allows you to see the caller and answer the call without taking your eyes off the road.

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  1. Holds All Phones
  2. No Adhesive Residue
  3. Hands-Free Phone Use
  4. By One Get One
  5. Money-Back Guarantee


  1. Double Shipping
  2. Use Credit Card

Holds All types Of Phones

The GripGo is a universal cell phone holder. It holds flip phones, bar phones and slider phones. This is because the GripGo does not use a cradle or a strap. It uses a patented adhesive surface to grip and hold your phone. This sticky surface has the ability to hold up to 20 pounds, which means your phone will never slip or slide off the GripGo.

GripGo is so confident in its ability to hold your phone, that the company provides a 100 percent purchase price guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it and have the purchase price refunded to your credit card.

Stick Anywhere

Imagine being able to glance at your phone and the number on the screen without taking your eyes off the road. GripGo sticks to dashboards and glass so that you can have your phone exactly where you need it. This eliminates the need to hunt down your phone while you are driving and prevents dangerous driving situations.

Click Here for the Buy One Get One Free GripGo Deal (while still available…)

Anytime you take your eyes off the road, you are creating a hazardous situation for yourself and everyone on the road around you. Protect yourself and the drivers around you by using the GripGo to keep track of your phone and answer important calls.

No Mess

Have you tried other phone holders only to find that the back of your phone ends up covered in adhesive? That sticky mess will not happen with the GripGo.

The patented sticky surface of the product stays on the GripGo. It will never come off on your phone. This means that the casing on your phone stays clean no matter how many times you stick your phone to the GripGo’s surface.

Easy Clean

Since the GripGo phone mount has sticky surfaces, they will occasionally become dirty. The dirt comes from the dash and inside of your car and your phone. Over time, the dirt will cause the phone pad to lose some of its stickiness. However, it can be fixed with a little water.

The surfaces of the GripGo are easy to clean. All you have to do is run the device under the faucet for a few minutes. The water will remove the dirt from the surfaces without removing the adhesive. Once washed, simply set it aside until it is dry.

Purchase Smart

Some purchasers of the GripGo phone have complained about double and quadruple shipping charges. As with all online purchases, it’s important to completely read the company website and determine if you want to do business with the company. Read the company’s privacy statements and all the information on the website before making a purchase.

While you are making the purchase, make sure to read every page of the shopping cart to ensure that you are getting charged the correct amounts. It is also important to use a credit card and not a bank issued debit card with a credit card logo to make purchases. This is because credit card companies offer more protections than banks when it comes to online purchases. It is up to you to protect yourself when making purchases online.

The GripGo is the perfect cell phone travel companion. There are times when pulling off on the side of the road or in a parking lot to take a call isn’t feasible. The traffic is too thick. There’s no shoulder, and you have to take the call. It’s even worse if your phone is buried in your purse or jacket, or it’s slipped off the seat or dash of your car. The GripGo ensures that you will never miss an important call while driving in your car or create another dangerous driving situation while digging for your phone. With the GripGo, you can drive your car safely first and answer your call second.

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