Seat Pets Review – Customer Review of the Kid’s Seat Belt Toy

Getting the kids to buckle up was always a battle for me as a mother. It didn’t matter whether it was a long or short car ride, I dreaded getting the kids in the car and spending several minutes convincing them to buckle their seat belts. There was always an excuse coming from the backseat as to why the seat belt was uncomfortable. As a mother of three children, safety is my first concern.

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I desperately needed a safe, reliable, fun yet practical way to help the kids play it safe during car rides together. At first, I tried being crafty and wrapping a towel around the seat belt strap so it didn’t rub against the kids’ skin. Or, I’d have the kids keep their coats on to help keep the seat belt in place, but nothing worked as well as I hoped.

Gratefully, all of this changed a few months ago when my youngest son got one of the Seat Pets for his birthday. It was so much fun, the whole family was hooked!

Pros of the product:

  1. Washable
  2. Durable – my boys have used these as pillow fight swords outside of the car.
  3. 30 Day money back Guarantee
  4. Fun for boys and girls of all ages – all unisex designs are a big hit.
  5. Easy to remove from the seat belt to take with you or use in another vehicle.

Cons of the product:

  1. Too many adorable designs to choose from
  2. Hoping our oldest grows out of his love of SeatPets before he’s old enough for Drivers Ed.

With Seat Pets, I can always count on the seat belt staying in place. This is incredibly reassuring for me as I am often the carpool mom on duty. Between my own three kids, team mates, and play dates, I’ve always got a bunch of kids in the car. We purchased enough extra Seat Pets for all the seats in the car (except the drivers seat… although I am particularly fond of Love Bug the Lady Bug. heehee). The best part is, nobody fights over the front seat anymore. There isn’t a bad seat in the whole minivan. My husband keeps a couple extra in his car too for the days he has to pick up one of the kids from soccer practice or piano lessons.

My Personal Review

As a family, we like to take car trips to our vacation destinations. One of my many favorite things about Seat Pets is how comfortable they are during these trips. We can spend almost 10 hours in the car! Yet, if the kids fall asleep, they can relax their heads on the Seat Pets and have a comfortable nap without hurting their neck or letting their head dangerously dangling. The kids also use SeatPets to comfortably prop their head up when reading or coloring. The seat belt no longer agitates them, which, if you have a 4 year old, you know is priceless on car rides from Boston to Orlando.

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I recently saw an imitation version of Seat Pets in a store at the mall. A friend of mine suggested we just pick up a few of those because they were lower priced and convenient to buy at that store. My family already has all 7 (including the monster!) SeatPets so I told her I wasn’t interested in getting an imitation. She bought one for her child who, after spending daily rides home from school in our minivan, could instantly tell the difference.

Seat Pets are made with the comfort of our children in mind. I can tell because it fits so well and contours the child’s body. My friend’s imitation product was stiff and uncomfortable. Unlike Seat Pets it did not come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. The biggest indication that my friend had made a mistake with her purchase was the fact that the imitation product fell apart after about 3 washes. Seat Pets are worth shopping for online and worth the wait of delivery. The quality of the product is superior to any other similar product.

This creative and practical toy has received the Dr. Toy Award as one of the Top 100 Children’s Products. It was also voted 2012 Product of the Year by Creative Child Magazine. There aren’t many toys that are backed with approval by pediatricians, moms and kids. Not many toys mix safety and fun in their appeal to parents and their kids. This product is a hit with any child that rides in your car. And when you say “Buckle up!” you won’t hear any complaints from the back seat.

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