Side Socket Reviews – A Review of the Surge Protector

When I saw the commercial for the Side Socket surge protector, it reminded me of an unusual and inconvenient design flaw in our house. Our living room only has two power outlets. Can you believe that? Two outlets! We didn’t notice this until we had completely moved in to our new home and were arranging our furniture. There was no proper place for anything because there were no outlets to go along with our entertainment system.

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The living room is fairly large so it just seemed to us like poor construction in the house. We became frustrated and called an electrician for a quote to put in a few more electrical outlets. The electrician suggested we do some remodeling, something that was simply out of our budget.

At this point there were accommodations for two lamps on either side of the couch and one whole outlet was taken up by the television and cable box. The computer, the laptop, video game console, extra lighting, an available plug for the vacuum cleaner, phone charger, and air freshener plug-in were all out of the question unless we used an unsightly surge protector. Which, we tried, but everyone in the family, including the dog, kept tripping over it.

Plus, the extra wires were a dangerous eye-sore. The living room is where my family of four spends most of our time. From watching movies to playing video games to working on the computer, we spend endless hours in this part of the house.

My husband saw the infomercial for Side Socket and believed it was the answer to our problems. He went to and ordered the innovative power outlet surge protector. Since it was buy one get one free, we got another Side Socket to use in our bedroom which has come in handy for charging our phones.


  1. Keeps cords organized
  2. Turns 2 sockets into 6
  3. Furniture can stay flush against the wall thanks to the unique design of the Side Socket
  4. 90 degree swivel angle


  1. One more thing my husband can say was his idea and that “he fixed.”
  2. The kids host video game tournaments in the living room.

Click Here for a Limited Time Buy 1 Get 1 Free Deal (if available)

The Side Socket has proved useful in our everyday lives, as well as on a variety of special occasions. Putting up the Christmas decorations this year was so much easier because the Side Socket kept the cords neatly organized and out of the way. Having six sockets in one area is perfect.

My Personal Review

We hosted our daughter’s piano recital in our living room last summer. Although we have air conditioning, the Side Socket came to the rescue when it became too warm and we needed to add a floor fan. The nice thing about the Side Socket is that we don’t have to move the furniture. It lays flush against any piece of furniture and the socket swivels. It is so much quicker than dealing with a regular surge protector or trying to work around furniture.

I’ve noticed a few reviews for the Side Socket that have some complaints about it being difficult to call customer service. That is very surprising because the number is on the website and both times I have called, I have easily and quickly spoken to a customer service agent.

Side note: both times I called I was not calling for a complaint. I had a question about using the product outdoors. A friend of mine called the Side Socket customer service directly to ask about delivery options and she said the same thing – easy to reach and a positive experience overall.

I’ve also read some reviews that say Shipping & Handling was too high. This product is not sold in stores. I’ve paid higher shipping prices for things I can drive 5 miles to the store and purchase. There is no way to get this product other than having it delivered so therefore it is worth the delivery cost. The product is priceless when it comes to saving time and money on other outlet solutions, etc. The shipping cost is not overpriced. As consumers we pay for the service of delivery and frankly, I’m grateful they deliver to my part of middle-of-nowhere-Texas. The delivery was quick and packaged very well. It was raining the day the package was delivered but there was no damage to the product.

I would recommend the Side Socket to anyone for their home, office, or school. It’s great because it’s pet and child safe. Because of the compact design, there is nothing for curious pets to chew on or little feet to trip over. The Side Socket exceeded my expectations.

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